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 Willow Creek Dayspa & Salon

tulasara™ radiant awakening ritual
A daily ritual inspired by Ayurveda: gentle dry brushing exfoliates, and massage with 100% naturally derived* oleation oil awakens microcirculation and nourishes to reveal smooth, glowing skin.

The tulas?ra™ radiant facial dry brush step is inspired by a technique from ancient Ayurveda, called gharsana.

~Gently exfoliates dry, dull cells from skin's surface
~ultra-soft nylon bristles formed in rounded peaks help massage and lift away dull surface cells

The tulas?ra™ radiant oleation oil step is inspired by an Ayurvedic technique called abhayanga.

~facial massage awakens microcirculation and instantly reveals skin's radiance
100% naturally derived* radiant oleation oil
~expertly balanced blend with 6 nourishing plant oils
~helps rebalance skin after exfoliating
~for all skin types


All "Omakha" Treatments celebrate the evolving fresh-harvest bounty of Montana and Yellowstone Valley. Our pick of the season evokes a memorable experience, while providing beneficial ingredients offered on a seasonal basis.

Winter: December through February – Chocolate and Strawberry
Spring: March through May – to be determined
Summer: June through August – to be determined
Autumn: September through November – Pumpkin Spice and Chai

"Omakha" Facial   90 min   $65

The seasons, which start on the spring equinox, summer solstice, fall equinox, and the winter solstice have often been described as times of birth in that every season creates newness and renewal.
Therefore at Willow Creek, four times a year our deeply renewing Omakha Facial changes scents and botanicals to better fit seasonal needs for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

Your skilled and caring esthetician will determine the appropriate treatment and products to effectively address the specific needs of your skin. Selected from a pharmacopoeia of skin care agents, treatment includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, vaporization (if needed), extractions as needed, mask, and face and neck massage to leave your skin revitalized, hydrated and balanced.

Montana "Four Winds" Facial 110 min  $145

The Montana Four Winds Facial combines a beautifully aromatic yet clinically-based selection of essential oils with the finest collection of pure bio-targeted skincare.
Step one of this beautiful treatment begins “face Down” and focuses on balancing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems of the body by applying essential oils along energy meridians and contact points of the back, hands and feet that relate to key organs and body systems, this allows the body to calm, balance itself, and heal.
Second, continue on with a complete WC Signature Facial (see brochure)….Simply sublime!

The "Zen" Facial   105 min    $125

Begin “face down” where your first experience will be to breath in the soft scent of floating petals resting on herbal infused warm water…Your technician will encourage soft breathing techniques for relaxation and to re-center. Next…your back will be lightly massaged with therapeutic turbino sugar, to help eliminate dry skin. After a warm towel rinse your back and shoulders will be gently massaged with scented oil and heated basalt stones to help relieve tension and stress.
We are not finished yet…Continue with a WC Signature Facial to complete your beautiful transformation from stress to calm and peaceful.

WC  Signature Facial    90 min   $75

“A guest Favorite pick! Deeply relaxing and calming.”
This signature facial is a vitamin cocktail for your skin, excellent for nourishing, repairing and protecting dry, stressed skin.

Super foods become super skin care ingredients in this nourishing facial to rescue the skin with a potent dose of vitamins and essential oils. A double Cleanse, enzyme, healing masque and nutrition is applied onto the skin, leaving it flawlessly ‘divine.’ Finish with  a revitalizing facial massage that can also help to reduce puffiness, dark circles and nourish skin.

Nature's Transformation  75 min   $75

Nature's TRANSFORMATION Ultrasonic Facial

An anti-aging treatment that combines ultrasonic exfoliation with a Plant Stem Cell Serum to plump and firm wrinkles, even out skin tone and provide a more vibrant complexion.This treatment includes an ultra-hydrating hyaluronic cream to reduce fine lines. Your Face will BE RADIANTLY Transformed!

Pure Results Facial    45 min    $50

Results oriented and Fast!Using only pure active ingredients, this custom, deep cleansing facial gives you both results and beautiful experience. A gentle exfoliation is followed by a layering of pure fruit extracts, anti-inflammatory botanicals and antioxidants, leaving your skin protected and revitalized. The perfect European Facial!