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 Welcome to Willow Creek Spa and Salon  
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Massage Therapy

Nurture Your Body with professional, hands-on massage techniques that utilize touch inspired from all over the world. Deeply relaxing and incredibly rejuvenating, massage treatments enhance well-being and self-awareness

Active Massage    60/90 min    $75/$105    

This massage is designed for individuals seeking a deeper pressure on strained and sore areas. This tailored treatment will focus on areas of concern easing tension and muscle pain, helping to de-stress the body and to promote healing.

Aroma Massage  60/90 min   $75/$105

Infused with natural plant extracts, our signature aromatic oils will help enhance your mood and awaken your senses. We will choose the oil blend that best aids you in achieving a healthy equilibrium in both body and mind.

Calm Massage     60/90 min        $65/$95

This is the most soothing method of massage therapy, and focuses on calming the nerves and relaxing stiff muscles. A proven stress reliever, this treatment is customized to address your specific needs.

Massage Treatments just "FORE" the Golfer!

"FORE" the Golfer  60 min   $75

Utilizing the deep cooling comfort of peppermint and Wintergreen, this perfect ending to a round assists in recovery by focusing on tired forearms, neck, lower back and feet. Especially beneficial if you plan to play the next day

"On Par" Massage  90 min   $105

A form of Swedish bodywork and deep cooling aromatherapy realigns muscle, helps gently work out knots and improves range of motion. Perfect ending to a great day on the course.

Pre-Golf warmup   15 min  $20

Especially designed for back and shoulder work to help soft- tissue release for better flexibility and to give you an edge on the course. Wear comfortable clothes.


Tuesday-Friday 10-7 Saturday 10-5

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