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 Willow Creek Dayspa & Salon

Willow Creek Professional Waxers use both Resin wax and Sugar wax...

What is Sugaring?

Sugaring paste is simply made out of sugar, water, & lemon juice. It's even edible!
Sugaring paste is applied at body temperature and can be cleaned up easily with water. 

Sugar cannot adhere to live skin cells. Live skin cells are wet & because Sugar Paste is water soluble, it will not adhere to live skin cells. This means less discomfort for you & less trauma to your skin.

Sugaring does remove dead skin cells - so as the hair is removed your skin is also getting exfoliated! It is gentle enough to go over the same area several times to extract stubborn hairs without causing skin damage or irritation.

Sugar paste wraps around the hair making it pliable, while seeping into the hair follicle lubricating the hair to make the extraction more complete & gentle. The hair is removed out of the follicle only in the natural direction of growth, which helps to extract the hair intact.

Sugar requires about 1/16 inch of hair for successful extraction (1/8 inch tends to be optimal). Wax products require that you grow the hair out at least 1/4 inch before your next waxing.

After a number of Sugaring treatments the hair follicle begins to deplete. The hair grows in more refined each time. Because Sugar can extract such short hair, it is possible to extract the hair in the early growth phase, which can lead to permanency. You will see superior results in just a few treatments.

What is Resin Waxing?

Resin Strip waxing (soft wax) is accomplished by spreading a wax thinly over the skin. A cloth or paper strip is applied and pressed firmly, adhering the strip to the wax and the wax to the skin.

The strip is then quickly ripped against the direction of hair growth. This removes the wax along with the hair.

Resin Strip-less wax (as opposed to strip wax), also referred to as hard wax, is applied somewhat thickly and with no cloth or paper strips.

The wax then hardens when it cools, thus allowing the easy removal by a therapist without the aid of cloths. This waxing method is very beneficial to people who have sensitive skin.

Strip-less wax does not adhere to the skin as much as strip wax does, thus making it a good option for sensitive skin as finer hairs are more easily removed because the hard wax encapsulates the hair as it hardens.

The strip-less waxing method can also be less painful.

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SweetSpot Labs Pro became the estheticians secret for the perfect pre & post wax regimen and daily cleansing routine to keep your body perfectly balanced and well...sweet!

The First Line of Defense for Ingrown Hair

PFB Vanish™ is a unique, cosmetically elegant roll-on gel formulated for ingrown hairs, razor burn and bumps resulting from shaving, waxing, tweezing, electrolysis and laser hair removal.

PFB Vanish contains exfoliating and moisturizing ingredients to maximize the results. Say Good Bye To Ingrown Hairs!

Please let us know if you have any questions. We are happy to assist you in any way. 406-256-9772 #7

Waxing Center at Willow Creek

At Willow Creek our Estheticians can create thebeautiful, silky and sexy soft skin that you have always wanted...and relatively pain free!


Feeling Sexy, Fresh, Smooth & Beautiful
There is nothing like the feeling of soft and silky skin, no matter what day it is. We all want soft touchable, smooth, skin. Skin that  is a joy to us and to those who love to touch us...

Thanks to our convenient and affordable waxing services, guests  are saying good-bye to their razors and hello to healthy waxed skin.

Waxing has numerous benefits including smooth results that last 3-4 weeks, improved skin quality, reduction of ingrown hairs, and much more!

Leg & Arm Waxing            Book it!
Are your arms and legs showing more "razor nicks" than silky skin?

We can help you look your best all the time. Several benefits of Waxing are exfoliation and hydration...not to mention your arms and legs will stay silky smooth longer. And...NO STUBBLE!


Brazilian Wax                             Book it!

What is a Brazilian Wax ? Brazilian Wax is basically an extension of our Bikini wax service which includes as much or as little waxing of the bikini area as you desire; plus the back area as well.

If a Beautiful Brazilian bikini wax is what you are after, we have got you covered. We  specialize in Brazilian Waxes. The Brazilian bikini wax is the  most popular service nationwide.

Ask about our Brazilian Wax Pass which entitles you to discounts on consecutive Brazilian bikini services. This savings program will allow you to receive Brazilian bikini waxes on a regular basis so that you can feel beautifully smooth and maximize the health of your skin.

Bikini Wax                          Book it!

Our bikini wax options will keep you seductively smooth and our affordable prices will keep you coming back on a regular basis.

Choose from a bikini line wax which is also known as a Regular bikini wax or a Extended bikini wax or a Brazilian bikini wax. No matter which bikini wax service you choose you’ll leave our Salon knowing you received quality waxing that will keep you stubble free for weeks with the best bikini wax service you'll ever experience.

Sample our products today to feel how our skincare line will keep your skin feeling healthy and breakout free between your bikini waxes!

So what are you waiting for? Don’t be fooled by the name, bikini waxing is not just for bikini season anymore. Start improving the health of your skin with a bikini wax today!

Eyebrow & Facial Waxing                 B00k it!

Your eyebrows not only frame your face but also help you express thoughts and communicate. At Willow Creek Dayspa & Salon we offer the best eyebrow waxing for men and women and we believe that facial waxing should do more than remove unwanted hair it should also bring out the best in your features.

For an eye brow or facial waxing experience that is as unique as you are, make a reservation with Willow Creek today. Our waxing specialists will have you turning heads and raising eyebrows.

Skin & Eyebrow and Eyelash Care

We offer an innovative line of skin, eyelash and eyebrow products that complement your waxing services. Our eyebrow care products will help restore hard to grow areas and will help you keep your perfectly waxed eyebrows in place. Our eyelash products and services will help grow or extend your lashes. Our skincare line is designed to optimize your overall skin health to reveal skin that is free of ingrown hairs and stays smoother longer.

Did You Know?

By waxing more frequently…
Hair grows back softer, finer, more sparse and eases out with less pain. Waxing every 4 weeks equals silky, smooth, beautiful skin.

By using our products at home…
You can create a serious difference in the way your skin looks, feels, and responds to the re-growth hair process. Using our products at home coupled with frequent waxing provides the best results possible.

By taking advantage of our loyalty programs…
The more loyal the guest, the more they save. It’s that simple. Consult one of our associates about waxing more frequently, our product line or about any of our loyalty programs and begin saving today!

Preparing for your waxing visit:

  • Don't use lotion or body oil on the area that is going to be waxed. This will cause the wax not to adhere to the hair, causing the wax to be less effective.
  • Take ibuprofen one hour prior to waxing visit. This will help to increase your pain tolerance.
  • Try to avoid caffeine and notice the time of month your waxing appointment is taking place. Hormones cause water retention and this will make you more sensitive to the waxing.
  • The hair should be 1/4 of an inch in order for it to be waxed properly.

Medication affects waxing.

You should not be waxed if you are taking the following medications: acutane, retina, or antibiotics. These medications will compromise the integrity of the skin. You need to be off acutane for a complete year before waxing is advised. You need to stop applying retina to area that you want wax a month before your service. With antibiotics you need to have finished your prescription three weeks prior to waxing.

What can I do about ingrown hairs?  

Because each situation is unique and we want you to receive the best care please call us and we can help. (Also, we carry a professional product designed for waxing, that helps to treat the skin around the waxed area, preventing ingrown hairs.)

Will waxing make the hair darker and more course?  

No, your are genetically predestined with a certain amount of hair follicles, color and coarseness, the hair will grow back the same texture and the color will not change, nor will it grow back thicker.

How long will my skin be smooth after waxing?  

The average time you will have silky, smooth skin is about two to four weeks depending on your own hair growth cycle.